I have had the Bose Soundbar 500 and the Base Module 500 for 2 months now hence this is a detailed review.

The cheaper version of the new Alexa family speakers Soundbar 500 and the Base Module 500 were released in 2018 and now after an intensive check of daily use I bring you this review.

DESIGN: The Bose Soundbar 500 is compact and has the dimensions Length= 80 cm, Breadth= 10.16 cm, Height= 4.44 cm and Weight= 3.18 whereas the Module is a cube of 25cm. It is available in just one colour that is Black. The top of the speaker and module is matte instead of the glossy finish of 700 series. The ports are available at the back of Soundbar and we get a Power input, HDMI Arc, Optical TOSlink, USB and Consumer electronics control ports. In the box we receive the sound bar unit, a basic remote, two AAA batteries to power the remote, ADAPTIQ headset, HDMI cable and power cord with a brick. The base module 500 box contains the module, and a power cord, The matte top features two buttons which are mute and action button both of which are for Amazon Alexa.

CONNECTIVITY AND FEATURES: The Bose sound bar 500 can be connected to your TV using an HDMI Arc cable included in the box or Optical TOSlink which is sold separately. You can also use the Sound bar to listen to music from your phone using Bluetooth and we have built in Alexa, so music can be directly played by giving commands to the Alexa over WiFi. Other Bose add-ons like base module and surround speakers are connected wirelessly to the sound bar hence reducing the clutter of those black wires. The ADAPTIQ headset helps in tuning the sound bar according to the room and it’s surroundings which is actually a very good feature to have. We now have the option of connecting your apple products to the sound bar using Airplay 2 which is also an added bonus. The new Bose music app offers a whole lot of new features like an equalizer, setting radio stations and etc and to know more about the two Bose apps and why do we need two of them stay tuned for one of my upcoming blogs.

SOUND: Now coming to the main part if the sound bar sounds good? It sounds pretty good actually according to the size and the low, mids and vocals are pretty good. The bass is also very punchy and with that added Bass module the Bass sounds even better. You can control the Bass, Treble and Vocals from the app. There is a dialogue mode which also clears the dialogue to even a better extent which is beneficial while watching movies. The sound bar supports Dolby audio but not Atmos or DTS. The Sound bar can cover an area of 350 square feet pretty easily and even at maximum sound the sound distortion is less.

The Sound bar retails at the price of 59,000 inr or $549 and the base module at a price of 30,000 inr or $399 and you can but them at the Bose retail stores, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Reliance Digital, Croma, Amazon and Flipkart. at the right time you can even get a good discount on 3.1 or 5.1 bundles. If you go and buy this Soundbar you will not at all regret your decision.